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Submitted by Cameron Russell on October 31, 2014 @ 8:34 pm

It's Halloween again, not that one ever needs an excuse to dress up! In case you need inspiration here are a few easy ideas to make your costume unforgettable.

Conceptual constumes: play around with the idea of being something rather than someone:

  1. Be sleeping! Wear you pajamas, mess up your hair and smear your makeup. The addition of a breath right strip across your nose with be the icing on the cake.
  2. Be a pattern! This will take commitment from top to bottom but the payoff will be grand. Where all polka dots, stripes or plaids and finish the look with matching face paint!
  3. Be dry cleaning! Have an old dry cleaning bag in your closet? Wear the clear bag and attach the hanger to a headband. With the exception of the headband this look is completely free and creative!

Celebrity style: here are some of my favorite last minute get-ups (and they're not halloween-exclusive suggestions either!):

  1. Audrey Hepburn - a well fitted LBD (little black dress) some pearls and a bun in the hair and that's it!  This is a great option because an LBD is a closet staple! 
  2. Cher - Which Cher you ask? If you going forthe simplest look to recreate I say go with the Cher in a vintage leather jacket, a black tank and high waisted 5 pocket jeans.
  3. Blossom - Blossom's floral hats were what made her look so memorable. Take a trip to your local thrift store grab a hat, an over sized sweater, a floral skirt and some tights.


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