BOSS: Female Directors

  • Charlotte Charlotte
  • Margherita Margherita
  • Frances Frances
  • Ingrid Ingrid
  • Anna Anna
  • Iquo Iquo
  • Jenn Jenn
  • Thati Thati
  • Chananun Chananun
  • Constance Constance
  • Marie Marie

Sometime last year, people started reporting that only 5% of directors are women (Time, Reuters, The Hollywood Reporter, etc). That is ridiculous. And we don’t believe it.

The next time you hear that number — that 5% — you should know that it’s the percentage of the 250 top-grossing films of 2011 directed by women. And it turns out that there are plenty of women directing lots of films, mostly indies.

Thankfully Marie C.  provides us hard evidence of their existence with these portraits of ten fantastic FEMALE directors. Check back to see their interviews, video clips, and internship opportunities over the coming weeks.


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Photography: Marie C. AKA @estouest

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