About Us

Interrupt is an experimental magazine published by Space-Made. We focus media investments on voices marginalized and misrepresented by mainstream media.

How do we do it?

A new editor-in-chief takes over each issue. We expand the creative capacity of grassroots media makers and community leaders by employing them to takeover the magazine as single-issue editors-in-chief. We respectfully shift the balance of power regarding editorial decisions in order to gain greater insight and make space for more perspectives. Together we bring our audience dynamic content created and curated by different voices on a consistent basis.

By sharing the resources of a magazine - the office space, editors, graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, and artists - we co-create content that delights, intrigues, and inspires our audience. We believe expanding access to media is expanding access to power and privilege.

And investing in debut content creators - we encourage contributions from people who are infrequently seen in public forums and/or who have been rarely, if ever, published by a media outlet - to change the voices, narrators, and leaders in media conversations.

Want more?

Order Interrupt and watch as the editors ignite and reshape public discourse and disrupt stale narratives.


To submit your story or to apply to be Interrupt's next editor-in-chief email

For any other inquiries please email hello@space-made.com.

MANAGING EDITOR // Cameron Russell cameron@space-made.com
ART DIRECTION // Hannah Assebe hannah@space-made.com